Elven king of Mirkwood


King of the Wood-elves who dwelt in northern Mirkwood; he fought at the Battle of Five Armies, and his son, Legolas, journeyed with Company of the Ring.

He was among the Sindar who travelled eastward from Lindon ‘before the building of the Barad-dûr’. Sauron started building the Barad-dûr in about II 1000, so Thranduil must predate this.
We last hear of him soon after the Dark Tower’s final overthrow. On 6 April III 3019, (the Elves’ new year), he met with Celeborn under the boughs of Mirkwood. Though we never hear of him after this date, the purpose of the meeting was to define the kingdoms of the two lords. It seems likely, therefore, he would have ruled in the newly renamed Eryn Lasgalen for some time after this.



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