“You can trust us to stick to you through
thick and thin – to the bitter end.”

The life of a hero is one of excitement, but it is often full of hardships
and trouble, and burdens easiest to bearwhen shared with others. For this
reason, adventurers of all sorts gather in groups of companions, united by a
common cause, be it to fight the Enemy, to lead a hunt for a prized prey, or
to scour the land seeking for a lost or stolen treasure.

Representing friendship, loyalty and trust, Fellowship points and Fellowship
focuses can be used by all playerheroes. Both provide a companion with a way
to recover Hope points.

How FELLOWSHIP Points Works
Hope is an ever-dwindling resource: to overcome the many formidable challenges
he is going to face, a player-hero who has just started his adventuring career
is bound to count on it quite often
(veterans might come to rely more on their
own abilities).

To recover their much-needed trust and self-confidence, player-heroes should look
no further than their own companions. Points taken from the Fellowship pool can
be spent to refresh a character’s Hope, while the company of a hero’s Fellowship
focus can allow him to recover points for free.

Members of the company may recover spent Hope by tapping into the Fellowship
for every Fellowship point spent, a character may raise his Hope score by one.
To do so, a player must get permission from at least half the other members
of the Company:

If this consensus cannot be found, he may either agree not to spend any points
or spend them anyway and gain a Shadow point for each Fellowship point used.

Players may recover any number of Hope points up to their maximum Hope score, as
long as there are Fellowship points left.

A player may tap into a company’s Fellowship pool at any time. This means that
a character can recover some of his lost Hope even as he exchanges blows with a
hostile creature or as he bandies crooked words with a cunning diplomat.

Desperately trying to ward off a Giant Spider
deep in Mirkwood, Ada Took spends her last
Hope point for a Body Attribute bonus to her
attack roll. But the fight is not yet done, and
she cannot afford to become hopeless and flee.
Ada’s player, Suzie, appeals to her companions
to be allowed to draw from the Fellowship pool;
they readily agree, and she claims two points,
bringing her Hope score back up to 2. Ada
thinks of her friends, unconscious and bound in
webs in the trees around her, and redoubles her

A company’s Fellowship pool is completely refreshed at the beginning of each
new gaming session.

Players may take advantage of their entire Fellowship pool of points, of use
just a part of it, or not at all. ‘Unused’ Fellowship points do not carry over to
the next session.

Fellowship focuses represent the strong ties between brothers in arms, close kinsmen
and compatriots. Fellowship focuses have two effects in gameplay, as sources of Hope
or as sources of inspiration.

As a Source of Hope
The presence of a Fellowship focus affects the way a character recovers Hope:

A player-hero recovers one point of Hope at the end of a session if his Fellowship
focus wasn’t wounded or otherwise harmed during play, and is in the same location
as them.

A character gains one point of Shadow at the end of the session if his Fellowship
focus was wounded, or three points if the focus was killed.

As a Source of Inspiration
Successfully keeping their Fellowship focus safe might inspire a character so much
that it lets him recover points of Hope:

If a player spends a Hope point to get an Attribute bonus to accomplish an action
that can be considered to directly protect or favour his Fellowship focus and succeeds
he immediately recovers the Hope point he just spent.

Frár son of Frór eased down the corridor towards
the cells, as quickly and quietly as Dwarven feet will
allow, and found his brother Fíli in the second cage.
“The Orcs are all eating and drinking,” he hissed,
fumbling with the crude lock, with only a dagger
as a tool. “I’ll set you free.” Frár’s player Jamie
spends a point of Hope for a Body Attribute bonus
to his Craft roll to break the lock; Frár releases
his brother and the two embrace awkwardly. As
Fíli is Frár’s Fellowship focus, the Loremaster
immediately awards Frár a Hope point to replace
the spent point.


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