“…you have been chosen, and you must
therefore use such strength and heart and
wits as you have.”

Adventurers are a diverse group of people, each with aunique combination of skills, abilities
and traits. Whenfaced with threats and difficulties, some favour strength and prowess to overcome them, some rely on fortitudeand integrity to endure, and others opt for reasoning and astuteness to find a solution. In The One Ring, numerical values are used to gauge each hero’s capabilities in different fields. Attributes are characteristics that describe the character’s fundamental
physical, emotional and mental capabilities: Body, Heart and Wits.

Body (physical aptitude)

A character with a high Body score can be tough and fit, or tall and agile, or even attractive or imposing. Every aspect of a character that relies on vigour or physical well-being is represented in the game by Body.

Heart (force of spirit)

Measures a character’s capacity for emotion, energy
and enthusiasm. A hero with a high Heart score can be fiery, intense, and hard to demoralise. Activities that benefit from a passionate or energetic temper may be influenced by a character’s Heart score.

Wits (mental aptitude)

A hero with a high Wits rating can be clever, attentive and
strong-willed. A sharp-witted person is a quick thinker,
and probably alert and vigilant, so any action that calls
upon these qualities benefits from a hero’s Wits score.


Attribute scores help players visualise their heroes, as the
comparison between the three ratings provides a rough
outline of a character that is recognisable at a glance: is
a hero physically stronger than he is spiritually robust?
Or are his wits his distinctive quality? Attributes describe
a hero in broad strokes. During the game, Attributes
come into play in a number of situations, most often as
a bonus to die roll results.

Attribute Bonus

Whenever dice are rolled, players may choose to spend
a point of Hope to gain a bonus to the result equal to the
rating of the most appropriate Attribute. This is called
an Attribute bonus.

A physical task or test may be modified by Body, a
challenge affecting the morale of the character or their
relationship with another person would use the Heart
score, while a contest of cunning may be affected by their

Summary of the Uses of a Character’s Attribute Scores

Body is used to determine a character’s starting Damagebonus. As an Attribute bonus
a hero’s Body score canbe added to all attack and Protection tests in combat.

Heart may be called upon as an Attribute bonus to a player-hero’s Fear and Corruption
tests, and whenrecovering or healing from wounds. A hero’s Enduranceand Hope score are
based upon his Heart rating.

Wits is used to determine the difficulty to hit a playerhero, as its rating determines
a hero’s base Parry score. In addition, Wits may be used to determine who acts first when
two or more characters are fighting in the same stance (see Chapter Five: Combat).

Attribute Ratings


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