Ledare över sitt folk


En väldig man, med en röst som får alla att lyssna. Hans hår och skägg är både yvigt och kraftigt. Han går klädd i yllekläder. Han tycker inte om att få besök och de som vågar sig dig skall tänka på att vara tydliga och inte undanhålla information för honom. Att prata i mun på varandra är också en mycket dålig idé. Han hatar vättar, orcher och vargar och jagar dem så ofta han kan.

Han är svag för goda berättelser och sagor.


His origins lay in the distant past, and Gandalf suspected he and his people had originally come from the mountains, until the Orcs of the Misty Mountains drove them away. He lived with his tame horses in a wooden house (Beorn’s Hall) between the Misty Mountains and Mirkwood, to the east of the Great River of Wilderland.

Beorn named the Carrock and created the steps that led from its base to the flat top. Once Gandalf saw him as a bear sitting all alone on the top of the Carrock watching the moon sinking towards the Misty Mountains, and heard him growl in the tongue of bears “The day will come when they will perish and I shall go back!”. While Gandalf knew him, Beorn did not, although he knew his cousin, Radagast.1

During the Quest of Erebor, Beorn received Gandalf, Bilbo Baggins, and the thirteen Dwarves and gave the Dwarves and Bilbo help in their quest.1

In the Battle of Five Armies, Beorn appeared transformed into a giant bear, and rescued Thorin from the Goblins and killed their leader Bolg.2

After Thorin’s burial, Beorn followed Bilbo, Gandalf and Thranduil on their way back to the west. Beorn once more hosted Bilbo and Gandalf and other Woodmen who came to celebrate Yule.2

Eventually became a “great chief” in the Vales of Anduin, and it is said that his descendants also were skin-changers, able to take the shape of a bear.2 His people became known as the Beornings,3 and they helped defend Thranduil’s kingdom of northern Mirkwood.4


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